Mmm… Level 5 Mentoring Has Really Got Me Thinking…

Mmm… Level 5 Mentoring Has Really Got Me Thinking…
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Since I signed up for Level 5 Mentoring 18 days ago, my eyes are opening to a new reality, like discovering a flower bud that’s gradually unfolding, to reveal it’s wonder and beauty, colour and scent within.

This morning, I woke up and immediately listened to my daily dose of the Day Transformer WAKE UP Audio I received when I signed up to Level 5 Mentoring.  I love the beautiful affirmations on this audio and the music in the background.  They have the power to move me and expand the joy I feel on waking up each morning.  The first week of using it was strange.  I felt kind of numb, and wondered when the words would really start to mean something for me.  Then during the second week, I began to feel the joy and beauty of the words seeping through me each time I used the Audio and then on afterwards, throughout my day.  This feeling of expanding joy was huge during this second week.

After 3 weeks, I’m noticing that I seem to have lost whatever this marvellous feeling of expanding joy was.  It’s as if I’ve reached a kind of invisible ceiling. After I used the Audio this morning, I was analysing why this might be, and I remembered how Brian Ridgway had reminded us that the mind, with its own set of programmed beliefs, needs constant reminding of a new thought pattern.  After a while, it’ll turn around and say “Oh – you’re serious then?!  This is to be the new thought pattern?  Oh, ok – I’ll buy that.”

So as I was mulling this over, my mind was kind enough to remind me that I have deeply embedded blocks to overcome and then it consoled me with the ‘fact’ that everything I do is “slow”!  Ha ha ha!  Thank you, mind!

Level 5 MentoringFor many years, my mind has been indoctrinated with a strong belief that “I’m slow” and that permanent change always comes about slowly “for me”.  This isn’t logical or necessarily ‘true’, but after perceiving it that way for a long, long time, and then seeking evidence to back up this belief, it firmly took root and dominated my daily thinking.

And what have I written here in this blog in previous posts?  That the Universe brings us what we focus our thoughts upon.  Uh-oh – duh!!!

It’s so easy to know the theory, but recognising and observing it in the moment when it’s happening – being aware – and then, without judgement of any kind, choosing a different thought – that’s when transformation happens.

So I changed my thought in that moment.  I asked myself “What do I want to experience today?”  The answer came back instantly: “The satisfaction of getting everything I’ve planned for the day done within the timescale I’ve allowed.”  And so it’s been throughout this morning.  Whenever I looked at the clock and remembered my new choice, I reminded myself that I want to experience that satisfaction today.  Not “I want to be fast”  or that “I am fast” or anything like that, because sometimes being slow feels right.  Instead, I just focused on what I want to experience today, because it’s the feeling that brings about the manifestation.

It’s now 1pm and all my plans came through for this morning and even this blog post was written in record time for me – just 1/2 an hour.  Now to joyfully embrace my afternoon…  Thank you, Brian!