Caught In The Act Of Being Selfless Or Are You Only In It For The Money?

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What are your reasons for going into business online?  Is it just for the money, or do you have a passion for helping others?

Just recently, my sponsor, Sanna Hellstrom, had a conversation with someone who was being bullied by her sponsors.  This person was new to the business and was looking forward to enhancing her retirement pension as a member of Empower Network.  Very soon after she signed up, her sponsors started bombarding her with messages designed to make her feel useless and stupid.  She was becoming distraught.  Her self-esteem was plummeting and she was just about ready to throw in the towel and quit.

Now, I know that if I had been this lady and if I had quit at that point, I would probably never have felt confident enough again to set up a new business venture.  I would probably have believed that I was useless and a loser, and have been depressed for a long time.  And worst still, I would be going around telling everyone not to get involved with Empower Network!

Thankfully, she found Sanna, who offered to help her get started and share what she knows.  Sanna is the kind of person who doesn’t care whether someone is in her team or not – instead, she cares deeply about helping others become successful.  And the Empower Network is full of wonderful people like Sanna!

In any business, what comes around goes around and since most of us share our experiences with others about the treatment we’ve received, at the most basic level of good business practice, it makes sense to treat others with empathy and respect.  That’s the human element, that makes for a good feeling on both sides.

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter was on a street in London and she came across a man having a seizure.  He was smelly and dirty and reeked of alcohol.  Instead of walking by, she stayed with him until he came round and an ambulance came.  Of course, you can imagine how inspired I am by my beautiful daughter!  She cares about others and she loves life.

I think one of the keys to becoming successful in business is to have a love for life and people.  The following video was shared on Facebook by Kevin Sousa.  It’s a brilliant compellation of moments captured, ironically, by security cameras:

The world is such a rich and wonderful place, thanks to acts of love and kindness happening, sometimes in the most unexpected of moments!

So what are your reasons for getting into an online business?  Of course, the money’s important but are you in it just for the money?  Or do you genuinely care about helping others and sharing what you’re learning?  Do you get a kick out of watching others evolve and become successful?

If you love life and love people and are looking for a way to earn money online and help others, then click here and make a decision to get started now.  I will be in touch soon, to find out how I can assist you.  :)