A Simple Key To Empowerment + The Heads-Up On A Transformational Webinar By Brian Ridgway

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Have you ever felt paralysed by feelings of depression or fear?

I mean so paralysed that, even when you know that you “should” be doing something, you end up staying in bed later, or watching more tv or YouTube videos than you ended, or you go out, or you talk with friends, or you lose yourself in a good book.  Anything and everything else, to distract yourself from your problems and to keep you from facing up to what you know you “should” be doing.

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There can be so many reasons for spiralling into a state of stagnation – for that’s what it can feel like – and often it comes about through a feeling of overwhelm.  Overwhelm through too many bills and not enough income; overwhelm through relationship problems and not knowing how best to handle them; overwhelm through information overload or work overload and not knowing where to start.

So how can you quickly climb out of a state of stagnation?  Well first of all, remember that you can always replace words like “should” or “must” or “have to” with words like “could” or “I get to…”.  It’s just a little switch, but it takes the victim out of your language and replaces it with power.  Your personal power, because that’s the key to feeling in control all the time.

When you feel like you’ve lost control over events, remember that it’s simply because you’ve forgotten that all choices belong to you.  All choices.

The thing is, you were conditioned from the moment you were born, to conform to someone else’s idea of how you should behave, what you should eat, what you should wear, how you should think.  When you were little, it may never have occurred to you that you had a choice and if it did, you were probably punished for it pretty quick.

It’s not that your parents or your guardians didn’t care about you, it’s just that they didn’t know any different because they were acting out of their own conditioning.  Can you imagine just how many generations of people were all conditioned into thinking and acting in a similar pattern?  Can you imagine just how many thousands – millions – of people, didn’t reach their full potential because they were crippled by guilt and shame because they didn’t always do what they “should” have done?  Because the conditioning is so powerful that it removes the personal power from the individual and they feel more like a victim than in control, with a choice.

Sometimes, we use the word “should” to relate to something that we actually want to do rather than feel compelled to do by someone else.  But the feeling of overwhelm is the same.  For example, you might want to get more exercise because you know you feel better when you do, but if you’ve got a lot of other stuff that you want to get done, then exercise can be one of the first things to get shelved.  You might want to write your daily Empower Network blog post, because you know that you feel more on track when you do.  You might want to take the dog for a walk, because you know that you and your dog will have a lot of fun together and you’ll both sleep better afterwards.

When you’re feeling really stuck, how do you shift yourself out of it?  Here’s the secret to making that shift – do something.  Even if it’s just one, tiny thing towards doing what you want to do.  Do it anyway.  Even if your mind is saying “well, it’s too late now” or “yeah, but what’s the point…?”  Do it anyway.

Bees-and-flower-overwhelm-cartoon-1Cartoon courtesy of mycartonthing.com

Stop thinking – because it’s your conditioned thoughts that will keep you stuck.  Stop thinking and do it anyway.

I was once under the illusion that to think about stuff mean’t that I was intelligently working through it.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Thinking about stuff just kept me stuck in the “stuff”!!!  It was only when I stopped thinking and started doing, that I realised where my real power lay.

Because when you start doing, you feel more in control and the more in control you feel, the more you continue to do, and the more you continue to do, the more confident you feel, the more in control you become.  That’s when you realise that you’ve stepped back into your personal power.

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Love and Light, Liz.  :)